Changing Content in WordPress – Divi

Changing Content in WordPress – Divi

How do I update my content on WordPress? There are a few different ways to do this, and it will depend on how your website is built. Every development team is different, but the top two common ways that custom built websites allow to update content is either through a...

What the heck is a “Theme”?

You might hear us talk about “themes” a lot with our work, and it may not be entirely clear what this means. So let’s clear this up!   Think of your website as three parts: The first is your system that powers everything. This can be custom...

Re-order Items Using CSS

Problem You have items that need to be in a specific order in certain scenarios (e.g. an image should be above text on mobile, but not on desktop)   Solution .wrapper { display:flex; flex-flow: column; } #item1 { order:4; } #item2 { order:3; } #item3 { order:2;...
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