Take your business to the next level!

Ember Marketing Co is a marketing agency based in Victoria, BC, Canada. We specialize in website development, graphic design, branding, and digital marketing services for clients all over the world. Using a combination of services, we create high-converting marketing funnels to bring you valuable leads and customers.

How does it work?

The best marketing strategies utilize effective advertising channels to drive users to a landing page on your website. We rely on the expertise of our designers, developers and marketing copywriting experts to create eye-catching, easy to navigate pages and websites that provide key information quickly and effectively, and encourage your users to take action on your page.


Everything starts with clear and professional branding. This is the visual part of your company, that includes everything from your logo, to your colours, fonts, and overall concept. We create a Brand Guidelines document that acts as a reference to make sure any and all marketing tools create a consistent look and feel so your company is easily recognized.


The next step is your website. Do you have one? Is it easy to navigate? Does it look professional and appeal to your target audience? Is it mobile-friendly? Do you have effective landing pages?

We pride ourselves on creating high quality, high converting websites that are not only easy for users to navigate, but easy for our clients to make changes if desired.

Digital Marketing

You have your branding and your website, but how do we reach customers? Our marketing strategists research your target demographics, your competitors and current digital trends to develop digital marketing strategies to turn users into leads and customers.

Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing? This is an umbrella term that can cover many different options. We specifically focus on social media advertising, Google Ads, SEO services/content marketing, and email marketing.

Social media advertising

Ever see a product or service in your news feed that you just can’t stop thinking about? That’s what we do! Our talented strategists, designers, and copywriters develop engaging advertisements to drive traffic to your website and/or landing page.

We keep on top of the latest trends and algorithms so you don’t have to!

Google Ads

Ever wonder how your competitors are getting that top spot? We know the ins and outs of Google search results, and develop strategies to help reach those top quality customers.

SEO Services/Content Marketing

We hear all the time “I was told I need SEO but I don’t know what it is!” SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a combination of content marketing and keywords. Search engines are constantly “crawling” websites for keywords that users might be looking for, which helps you improve your position in search results. We help those search engines find those keywords through strategic website content, and through engaging blog content. This not only helps your users find the information they’re looking for, but helps you reach users who haven’t yet heard of you.