Frequently Asked Questions

I need a website! How does this work?

A website needs two things: a Domain (your URL) and Hosting (a server that stores your website files and database). You can either sign up for these yourself, or we can provide these services for you.

We first create a design mockup of your new site based on the information you provide us. This is a visual representation of what the finished product will look like.

Once the mockup is approved, we move on to the development phase. We build all new sites on our development server, and provide a link when it’s ready for review. Once the functional site has been approved, we move the site to its final hosting location and connect the domain. This process usually takes about 24-48 hours for the domain to “point” to the new location, so we ask that you plan accordingly.

What if I have a question after my website is launched?

We’re here to help! We’re happy to provide answers to questions at any point post-launch, and can provide tutorials if you’re really stuck.

How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website will depend on a few different factors: How many pages? What sort of features? How much content needs to be designed?

We specialize in WordPress and Shopify websites, which usually start at $5000 CAD for a regular site, and $8000 CAD for an ecommerce site.

Do you provide hosting and/or domains?

Yep! Our domain rates will depend on the suffix, but usually range from $10-$20/year. Our hosting rates start at $20/month or $220 annually. We pride ourselves on fast, secure hosting services.

Will I be able to make changes to my website?

We build all of our websites with the ability for our clients to make content changes themselves. That being said, many clients choose to have us make changes on their behalf, either as an ad hoc task, or part of a monthly website maintenance retainer.

How much does a logo cost?

Logo design and cost will depend on the number of options and level of detail in the design(s). Generally we ask clients to describe their requirements and send us design examples to get an idea of their style and taste. We then provide 3+ options to choose from, and fine-tune the design until you’re satisfied.

We provide all logo files in a variety of file formats for print and digital use. Most logos are part of a Brand Package, which includes fonts, colour codes, and a Brand Guidelines document that serves as a reference for any marketing material to be created.