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Tiny Chefs

Tiny Chefs is a company based in the US that offers fun and engaging cooking classes for kids. While the classes are great, their website was in need of some improvements, primarily with their front end and back end UI/UX. They were using a variety of systems to organize classes and events that needed to be integrated into their website not only for simplication’s sake, but to improve the overall user experience and save hours of manual labor from their team.

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The first goal was to rebrand their digital presence. Their previous website was sparse and lacked the visual appeal you would expect from a business of children’s services. As with many websites that have been added to over the years, there was a lack of flow through the pages, and while there was a lot of information throughout, it was difficult for some users to find what they were looking for specifically.

Our goal was to create a new design and layout that was not only visually appealing, but provided a better layout and user experience.


This website was much more complicated than meets the eye. Previously there were a lot of manual hours going towards moving information from one system to another. We needed to not only build a better solution to display information, but integrate it properly into their email marketing tool and develop a new solution for listing classes and tracking registrants/members.

As with any change in systems, there would be an adjustment period for staff members as well as for users. We needed to minimize the front end changes in user experience, and create a back end system that was easy for their team to adapt to.


We developed this site in phases. The first phase focused on rebranding the website and creating a better flow throughout the pages. The next phase involved integrating the website with their email marketing tool (ActiveCampaign) that would automatically feed the information of anyone who made a purchase through the website. This information was essential to automate system emails that would provide users with access to the courses they signed up for, and saved countless payroll hours involved with copy-pasting email addresses and contacting manually.

The final phase involved developing a system to replace Sawyer, a subscription website where they were listing live courses and taking payments. Previously, any Members who had signed up through the website needed to be manually applied to this system in order to receive their discount (more payroll hours). We developed a solution that mimics the same fields and capabilities of Sawyer, but keeps all users within the Tiny Chefs website.

The final result is a website that sells physical products, manages website Memberships, lists online “anytime” courses, and also lists and manages registrations and tickets for live Events and Classes. All purchases made through the site are funnelled into ActiveCampaign with associated tags, which can then be used to create marketing funnels.

We have loved working with this client and are looking forward to adding even more improvements to the website going forward.

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