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Vanillablossom Flavors Inc.

Vanillablossom Flavors Inc. is a locally owned and operated business that supplies vanilla, herbs and spices across the globe. They are both a retail seller as well as a commercial supplier, and came to us to take on their branding, website management and digital marketing.

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The first goal was to modernize the brand. This meant updating the logo, website, product packaging and all printed and digital material. Our team researched the target demographic and what would appeal most to them, and developed a clean, approachable and energetic visual brand.

The second goal was to increase website ecommerce sales. While this company is a heavy hitter in the commercial game, getting more retail shoppers to shop on their website would be an undertaking.


The food industry is a saturated market, so it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. Another hurdle was convincing users to purchase their vanilla online instead of in-store, specifically from a lesser-known company than other large, international brands.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to interesting results. While there was a period where consumers were spending less at the start of the pandemic, there also came a period when online shopping became more common across all industries as the world grew accustomed to the “new normal”.


After succesfully completing a design overhaul and introducing a wider range of products, we took advantage of the ecommerce uptick with our marketing strategies. Leveraging key demographics on Facebook and Instagram, we first began to build a loyal customer base with the use of product giveaways and contests. Once users had tried the product and loved it, we ran nurture email campaigns to keep them coming back.

Online traffic increased exponentially and online sales have been growing steadily since 2019.

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