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Victoria Marine Rescue Society

VMRS is a marine rescue non-profit organization based in Victoria, BC, Canada. They came to us looking for a logo refresh and website rebuild. Their website is their main tool to provide information to members and the public, collect volunteer applications and accept donations.

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The primary goal was to create a website that not only was functional, but appealed to potential volunteers. As this is a 100% non-profit organization, they are dependent on volunteer hours and donations in order to keep running.

The website needed to display important public information, provide private information to members and trainees, as well as encourage users to make a donation to support their cause.


As with many websites that were creating some time ago, there is often an inefficient layout and redundant or missing content. Our first challenge was to determine exactly what would be included in the new website build, and what capabilities users and members would actually need.

A secondary challenge was developing a modernized version of their logo. Their previous logo was based off of a photograph, but lost a lot of detail unless displayed at a large size.


Working closely with members of the board, we developed a more modern brand (with a nod to their previous logo) and more efficient website that met all of their needs.

As for the logo, we created a vectorized silhouette style of a photo the client provided, and added stylized elements to create interest. We provided versions that worked well as a large print logo/graphic, as well as simpified versions designed for small scale.

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