What the heck is a “Theme”?

You might hear us talk about “themes” a lot with our work, and it may not be entirely clear what this means. So let’s clear this up!


Think of your website as three parts:

The first is your system that powers everything. This can be custom built, or the common method is to use a popular and highly supported Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress or Shopify. This basically provides the base that your website is built on, which allows developers access to make code changes, while giving our clients the option to make content changes themselves.

The second part is your database. This is where all of the information that runs your website lives. This contains everything from images, to login info, to personal settings. Without this, your website would just be a bunch of empty pages.

The third is your theme. This is what makes everything work together. Not only does it control the visual portion of everything, it also provides the structure for your pages and how information is delivered to your client.


Why we build custom themes

Why not just use a pre-made theme? While a lot of these free or purchased themes can be great, they are often limiting when it comes to actually making them do what you want. They are usually built in a set structure, which cannot be changed by the average user. This is a great option for someone who just needs to put up a website quickly and cheaply, and doesn’t care too much about how it looks or how it functions beyond the basics.

We like to take things to the next level. Most of our clients are looking for a website that not only represents themselves and their business, but acts as a marketing tool to help generate sales and leads.

We build custom themes in order to maximize the web experience for your users. We do our homework, and figure out what your demographic is looking for, and how to best present the information they’re looking for. All of our themes allow our clients to make content changes as needed, and we offer ongoing support and maintenance for those who want the full-service experience.


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