Our Philosophy

Ember Marketing Co. was founded with the simple belief that customers and clients deserve better. As a small team, we strive to provide a personalized, “boutique” experience as we create customized marketing solutions to meet your unique needs.

Everything we create has user experience in mind, which in turn generates better quality conversions and leads. We want to hear from you, let’s chat.

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About the Owner

I’m Emily Miller, and I have been working in this field for over 20 years. Throughout this time I have worked as a self-employed freelancer, subcontractor, salaried employee, executive and business owner. Working in these varied roles and with a range of different companies has provided me with valuable insight to not only provide excellent service and products, but how to run a successful company.

I built my first website at the age of 11, and was instantly hooked on the experience. I was fortunate enough to have my first paid projects around this time, and continued as a freelancer throughout my teens years and into adulthood. I love creating tools for business owners that are not only eye-catching, but provide solutions for their everyday needs. Since my early start I have grown with the industry, and am constantly perfecting my own skills and learning from other talented industry professionals. I have been fortunate to have explored a variety of professional positions in this field and gained invaluable experience along the way.

Many of my clients have stuck with me throughout this journey, and I have loved watching them grow as well. Working with so many other business owners gives me a glimpse into a variety of industries and how they function, which I apply to our own services and strategies.

My work philosophy has always been “people first”. Since starting Ember, my goal has been to provide a supportive work environment to enable my team to thrive and explore their own capabilities.

We are an equal opportunity employer to the very core. Talent can come from any source, no matter the gender, ethnicity or orientation. Many of our team members work remotely, which allows them to take responsibility for their own needs and ideal work style. My primary goals are to ensure deadlines are met, provide outstanding work, and to priotitize the mental and physical health of our team.

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Our Team

  • Emily Miller

    Owner/Creative Director

    Emily is the “jack of all trades”. She has extensive experience in web development, digital and print design, digital marketing, and business strategy. Her main role is quality control and strategy.

  • Priya Dilon

    Project Manager

    Priya helps us coordinate as a team. She’s responsible for managing our projects and making sure our tasks are completed on time.

  • Tomas Marin

    Senior Web Developer

    Tomas is our go-to website expert. He works with our design leads to create responsive, easy-to-use websites with a variety of custom modules. He also specializes in SEO services, and helps our clients improve their web presence.

  • Yana Babenko

    Senior Graphic Designer

    Yana is our talented Senior Graphic Designer. She creates a variety of designs, from web assets to logos and branding.

  • Aniqa Khan

    Marketing Coordinator

    Aniqa is well-versed in digital marketing, and helps with strategy, design and copywriting for our clients’ social media and email marketing campaigns.