Re-order Items Using CSS

Problem You have items that need to be in a specific order in certain scenarios (e.g. an image should be above text on mobile, but not on desktop)   Solution .wrapper { display:flex; flex-flow: column; } #item1 { order:4; } #item2 { order:3; } #item3 { order:2;...

Selecting a Specific “Child” in CSS

Problem You have multiple objects with the same class, but you want to change the css for specific one(s)   Solutions /* Selects the second <li> element in a list */ li:nth-child(2) { color: #6557ff; } /* Selects every fourth element among any group of...

Adding a Google Font

Problem You want to insert a Google Font into your website without uploading the font files Solution #1 Add to your page template: @import url(‘’); (replace “Montserrat” with...

Adding Shortcode Into PHP

Problem So you have some shortcode, and you want to insert it into a PHP file? Just need this simple line of code: <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[name_of_shortcode]’); ?> Tada! That’s it!
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